Leading the fight against HIV and other infectious diseases

Making Massachusetts a healthier and more equitable place for every resident.

A unique, public health nonprofit (formerly known as Community Research Initiative), we provide access and support across drug assistance, insurance navigation, prevention, and research while helping to promote health equity.


Meet the new AccessHealth MA

We’re changing our name, but not our programs: Why? We’ve evolved and needed a name that better communicated who we are now, what we do, and the benefits we provide. Community Research Initiative no longer told our story. We remain dedicated, as always, to connecting people who are confronting HIV, TB, and other infectious diseases with essential medication, insurance, and support. Our new name, AccessHealth MA, lets people know exactly what we’re here for and for whom: to provide access to what helps people stay healthy, for all residents of the Commonwealth who are in need.

Access To…

You can now submit HDAP applications through our electronic portals!

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